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Carrucola snodata per soccorso e recuperi.

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Tests to greater strengths than other pulleys in the same range of size and price. It has the required prusik minding capability for use in 3-to-1 Z-systems (which means it makes it easier to haul up heavy stuff without popping a vein, or to lower heavy stuff without dropping it!). A smooth running 1.25″ nylon sheave runs on a zinc-coated axle, and the color-contrasting aluminum sideplates rotate for easy rope insertion and removal.

Non adatto per l’uso in traversate tirolesi.

Dati tecnici:
Peso: 59 gr;
Dimensioni: 7.21x 4.45x 3.4 cm;
Puleggia: 3.17 cm;
Materialelati in alluminio anodizzato e puleggia in nylon;
Forza: 4946 22 kN (. 1 KN = 225 £)
Dimensioni corda: fino a 12,5 mm o 1/2 “.